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    Other FRC Team's Resource Information

    • Adam Bots - 245
      You can find a pre-match inspection sheet for the robot and strategies for scouting. Provides details on award submissions, gives an example of team 245's business plan, tips for designing a website, and many helpful links.
    • Monta Vista Robotics - 115
      You can find helpful power point on most electrical, mechanical, and engineering.

    • Missy Daisy - 341
      • Team in a Box
        is a useful program created to help just starting teams through their first year of FIRST.
      • Resources
        You can find many links involving sponsors, the FIRST handbook, and helpful pages on starting and building a team. Gives a document giving examples of how to get parents more involved, building your robot, programming, animation, website design, and much more.
    • Hauppauge Robotic Eagles - 358
      You can find lots of information on how to start a team, fundraising, website design, robot strategy, scouting, and career planning.
    • Westside Boiler Invasion - 461
      You can find and introduction to robotics, appendages, control, and ect... There are many tutorials on technical things, autodesk, and there are more useful links.
    • The Wolverins - 597
      You can find links on recruitment, safety guidelines, technical info, and scholarships.
    • Simbotics - 1114
      This team provides an idea called a Kitbot on Steroids. It provides a simple and inexpensive drivetrain design for teams to use. They also have their own app in the Apple store that provides very helpful documents and videos for other teams. They provide a scouting database, a calendar, and more helpful links.
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