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2007 Build Season and Bayou Regional

    Build Season

Gathered before a match
Gathered before a match.
Waiting for match to start
Waiting for match to start.
Team making gear boxes
Team making gear boxes.
Putting tape down
Putting tape down.
Making game Pieces
Making game Pieces.
Taking parts out of the box
Taking parts out of the box.
Painting the box
Painting the box.

Cutting pieces.
Assembling parts
Assembling parts.
Riveting the parts
Riveting the parts.
Kimberly is cutting pieces
Kimberly is cutting pieces.
Putting parts together
Putting parts together.
Cutting pieces
Cutting pieces.
Assembling the chassey
Assembling the chassey.
Designing a lift
Designing a lift.
Box finished
Box finished.
Testing lift
Testing lift.
Observing the robot
Observing the robot.
Showing off the robot
Showing off the robot.
Testing the lift on one of the old robots
Testing the lift on one of the old robots.

    Bayou Regional

Setting up the pit
Setting up the pit.
Testing lift in the pit
Testing lift in the pit.
Gathered in the pit
Gathered in the pit.
Testing out lift
Testing out lift.
Testing lift in pit
Testing lift in pit.
Checking out the bot
Checking out the bot.
Chilling in the pit
Chilling in the pit.
Chris in the pit
Chris in the pit.
Working on bot in pit
Working on bot in pit.

Team photo at competition.
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