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2011 Team Members

    Molly Halpin, Team Captain
    Matthew Waddle, Robot Captain

    2011 Team Photo
  • Alex Walker - Mississippi State University
  • Cameron Furey - Mississippi College
  • Carra Channel - Mississippi State University
  • Colin Mulder-Lampley - Mississippi State University
  • Crystal Worley - Hinds Community College
  • Daniel lan
  • Jordon Stong
  • Kaci Holdiness
  • Kimberly Melton
  • Michael Freeman - Hinds Community College
  • Millan Nasif - Mississippi College
  • Naomi Short - Tougaloo College
  • Nathan Martin
  • Perry Wolfe
  • Stephen Hensley, Programming Captain - Mississippi State University
  • Steven Channell - Mississippi College
  • Waid Barfield - University of Texas
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Link to Vicksburg Mississippi