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Siege Robotics Application

    FIRST Robotics Team 456, Siege Robotics, provides students the opportunity to engage in engineering, science, technology, and business skills in a high-energy environment. Siege Robotics motivates students from all walks of life to develop skills through participating in a real life, hands-on experience. Siege Robotics has competed in FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition (FRC) since 2000. FRC exposes students to engineering, fabrication, programming, web design, photography, presentations, writing, business processes, and much more. Studies have shown that participants in FRC are:

    • Three times more likely to major in engineering.
    • Ten times more likely to have had an internship or co-op in their Freshman year of college.
    • More than twice as likely to pursue a career in science or technology
    • More than twice as likely to volunteer in their communities.

    Siege Robotics depends on funding provided by sponsors and students to cover the team expenses such as travel costs, registration fees, and building components. We expect to cover most of the costs through grants and fundraising activities to minimize the amount paid by the students. Each student will be assessed an activity fee and an additional travel cost for EACH trip THEY participate in during the year. Additional travel costs will be determined based on the location of the events we attend. We plan on attending 2 regional competitions again this year and the championship event in Houston, TX if we qualify.

    Additional travel costs will be determined based on grants awarded, fundraising, and actual travel costs.

    All applications will be reviewed for missing or inaccurate information. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee made up of adult team mentors. The review process will consider the content of the application.

    The team will be limited to approximately 35 students, hard decisions will have to be made and ultimately not everyone that applies will be accepted. Each student is required to complete an application, including returning members. Being a member of the previous year's team is no guarantee of a place on this year's team.

    Form more information about 456, see our 456 FAQ

    Questions about the application and admissions process may be directed to

    Submission methods: (Any other delivery method will not be accepted.)

    1. Complete application online - START Application
    2. E-mail a PDF file to PDF application
    3. Hard copy submissions to:
        456 Robotics Applications
        P.O. Box 821792
        Vicksburg, MS 39182
    4. Hand delivered to a Lead Team Mentor (Chuck Dickerson or Ginny Dickerson).
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